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Areas of Expertise

Study plans and reports are drawn up in accordance with the principles and guidelines of GLP,
following the standard procedures, with the aim of meeting the customer’s specific needs.


Chemical and Physical Characterisation

Renolab GLP is able to provide all the tests necessary to produce analysis dossiers for the registration of agrochemicals, biocides, cosmetics, drugs, additives and other industrial chemical products.

  • Development and validation of analysis methods for  technical active substance and formulated products
  • Analysis of formulated products and issue of analysis certificates
  • Physical and chemical analysis of technical active substanceand formulated products
  • General risk studies for transport and storage
  • Stability studies (cold storage, accelerated storage, shelf life up to two years) with monitoring of physical and chemical parameters and condition of packaging
  • Checking and control of the stability of active substances
  • Chemical and physical compatibility of tank mixes on the client’s request
  • Effectiveness of cleaning procedures


5-Batch Analysis

5-batch analysis of technical active ingredients

  • Screening: purity and impurity profile
  • Analysis of the active substance and impurity contents of the 5 batches, including impurities of metals and heavy-metals by ICP
  • Validation of analysis methods under European and international standards
  • Spectroscopic characterisation of 5 batches: UV/VIS and MS (IR and NMR can be supplied through outsourcing)
  • Synthesis and/or column separation of relevant and significant impurities (this type of analysis can be supplied through outsourcing)



GLP Residue Studies

Analysis, development and validation of analysis methods

Renolab is able to function as Residue Study Director in association with other field analysis centres and/or as principal investigator in ecotoxicity and environmental impact studies.

  • Development and validation of single and multi-residue analysis methods for the determination of active substances and metabolites in crops, animal products, soil and water
  • Residue studies
  • Storage stability of residues in various types of materials or specimens

Microbiological studies

Renolab, which is specialized in the issuance of analytical dossier for regulatory registration of plant protection products, now applies its experience in the field of microbiological (fungal biocontrol) products.

  • Physical-chemical characterization of fungal pesticides as biocontrol agents, according to FAO recommendations and official methods (CIPAC, OECD, EC)
  • Shelf life studies
  • Five-batch analyses
  • Active ingredient determination, including method validation, for example direct and indirect detection of spore density and spore viability on spore powder formulation of technical fungal biocontrol products
  • Confirmation of strain identity by PCR (Polymerase Chain reaction)
  • Methods for the detection of microbial contaminants according to OECD 65 and SANCO/12116/2012 and official methods (ISO, UNI-EN); according to the requirements of Regulation (EC) No 1107/2009 and Regulation (EC) No 283/2013
  • Screening of metabolites produced by fungal biocontrol agents through chromatographic separation and mass spectrometry detection (Qtof-MS/MS)


Other Services

Support for R&D projects

Renolab staff have specific competences for the support of R&D activities in the formulation and in vitro and in vivo trial of new products.

  • Single and multi-residue analyses of pesticides in crops, raw materials and finished products
  • Single and multi-residue analyses to identify and measure mycotoxins in crops and finished products
  • Technical training and refresher courses on formulation techniques
  • Quality controls by the procedures and to the schedules required by production departments

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