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The Company

Renolab is an analysis laboratory with more than 20 years’ experience in serving the worldwide chemical industry.



From the Nineties to the present, in the world of GLP analyses

The history of Renolab started in the Nineties, when it was created as the residue and chemical-physical analysis laboratory of the Research Centre of a major Italian company engaged on the development of new molecules for use in agrochemicals, an area then in its infancy.
Since the outset, Renolab has always been an analysis centre functioning in accordance with Good Laboratory Practice, initially specialising strongly in the chemistry of agrochemicals and then extending its expertise into other sectors of the chemicals industry.
In 2004 Renolab was acquired by a large German company, leader in registration and consulting services. It changed hands again in 2008, and became once again an all-Italian laboratory. Its name refers to its geographic location in the valley of the Reno, the second largest river (after the Po) in Italy’s Emilia-Romagna region.

In March 2018 Renolab became part of Tentamus Group,
a global network of laboratories and service companies working for quality and safety in the food&feed, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and medical sectors.


Nicola Berruti – CEO
Gianmarco Dazza – COO

Luisa Maccaferri – Technical Manager –
Mattia Lodi – Operation Manager –

Silvia Giorgi – Head of Chemical physical department –
Barbara Amato –Head of Residues Department –
Matteo Calassanzio – Head of Microbiology Department –
Emanuele Morganti – Quality Assurance Manager –

Daniela Siconolfi – Sales Manager –
Cristina Marchiori – Sales Manager –

Daniela Mazzotti – Accounting Manager
Mirko Magnani – Purchase Manager –
Giuseppe Calvi – Marketing Manager –


In compliance with the principles of Good Laboratory Practice

The laboratory complies with the  Italian Ministry of Health directives for chemical and physical characterisation and for residue studies on agrochemicals, biocides, cosmetics, drugs, additives and other industrial chemical products and for microbiological studies, in accordance with the OECD principles, European directives and Italian legislation.
GLP is recognised by the competent authorities of the 
European Community, the United States of America (FDA and EPA) and Japan (MHW, MAFF and METI) under inter-governmental agreements.

Renolab is also one of the 16 Italian laboratories selected by the REACH Centre for the performance of the tests and analyses envisaged by European Union Regulation no. 1907/2006.

Download the Italian Ministry of Health certification

Research and Development

Quality support for trials and R&D

Renolab offers research and development expertise to its clients, collaborating in projects of public and private institutions.
In particular, thanks to the specializations in chemistry, biotechnology and phytopathology, our cutting-edge equipment allows us to carry out:

  • Characterization of fungal strains by production of secondary metabolites as well as non-regulated mycotoxins
  • Investigation of complex organic matrices used as natural ingredients
  • Research of organic and inorganic contaminants
  • Analysis of proteins in natural raw materials



Experience, competence and professionality

The Renolab staff have extensive experience in the chemical industry. Renolab encourages professional growth and is committed to training its researchers through continual refresher courses covering both technologies and legislation. It also uses the services of highly qualified external consultants.

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