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VELTIA Labs for Life Cyprus has updated its Scope of Accreditation!

“Your life’s quality, our top priority” – VELTIA Cyprus is committed to VELTIA LABS FOR LIFE’s motto and has set a clear target for 2021. The goal was to upgrade its nutritional lab and provide its clients the services of one “stop-care lab”.

“After a successful 4-day-audit conducted by CYS-CYSAB (Cyprus Accreditation Body) we are pleased to announce that “Nutritional Value with Dietary Fibers analyses” will be part of our new accreditation scope. To be more specific this will include: Energy, Fat Content, Saturated Fat, Carbohydrates, Total Sugars, Dietary Fibers, Crude Fibers, Protein and Salt (NaCl) analysis”, emphasizes Dora Koraki, Managing Director of VELTIA Cyprus.

In addition, the new scope will allow VELTIA Cyprus to offer:

  • Determination of metals & heavy metals in food and feed
  • Full accredited package for preservatives, that is propionic, sorbic and benzoic acid & total sulfites in food, as well as Nitrates & Nitrites in meat products
  • Determination of collagen in meat products

This target was now accomplished. As stated in the name, VELTIA never stops to improve and evolve. Therefore, there are already new plans and challenges in front of the laboratory. 


About VELTIA Labs for Life Cyprus


VELTIA Labs for Life Cyprus was founded in December 2017, following the strategic alliance of GEMANALYSIS and AGROLAB RDS Group, that in 2021 changed its name and distinctive title to “VELTIA Labs for Life”. VELTIA Labs for Life laboratories are members of the German based Tentamus Group. VELTIA Cyprus provices high-quality chemical and microbiological testing services for fruits & vegetables, food & feed, constructing & building materials, cosmetics, indoor air monitoring tailored to the needs of each client.

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If you have any questions about VELTIA’s services, please do not hesitate to contact:

Dora Koraki (Mrs.)
Managing Director VELTIA Cyprus
+357 22443399


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